1. Blue

From the album Shine (2006)

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Written and composed by Chris Chameleon. This composition contains elements from “Fade To Grey” written in part by Midge Ure & William Currie. Used by permission.


well, all my life is such a mess
i wonder how i've come to this
what i would say if i could guess
is that i'm blue, 'cause i'm not with you

i've waited all my whole life long
for someone like you to come along
all i got from us is this song
about the blues, 'cause i'm not with you

blue is no longer my favourite colour
boo is no longer my favourite band
i think today
i'll take a step away
and lose the hues from my light blues
down to my deep indigo
blue is no longer my favourite colour

so do i let it get to me
or do i simply let it be
i want to not wonder what could be
if i went with my heart's content

and now my problem is my timing
black clouds inhabit my silver lining
stand at the slot, i put my dime in
am i doomed to be forever blue?

by Chris Chameleon