1. Anywhere

From the album Shine (2006)

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Written and composed by Chris Chameleon


anywhere there's sunshine
you'll find me
and anywhere it rains at the right time
you'll find me
and anywhere there's silence
and everywhere there's song

anywhere near mothers and babies
you'll find me, they're good company
and anywhere 'mongst the leaves and the lovers
you'll find me, naturally
and anywhere near the smile of a neighbour
and everywhere in a home of love

'cause i like these things
and i don't need to prove anything
if it means that i need to be
cynical, cool and feelingless

i'm all for love
i'm all for you girl
i'm all for all the good
the two of us can do girl

i'm all for time
time with you girl
and i'm a fool, just a man
but i'm a fool for you and baby i'm your man.

deur Chris Chameleon