1. Good to be True

From the album Made Available (2008)

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Written and composed by Chris Chameleon


i'll do it all for you
not much you need to do
just give me a sign
see me make it work just fine

i have no children i have no wife
i have myself a decent life
i have a house i have a car
i can stay right here or i can go far away

maybe i'm to good to be true
but baby am i good enough for you
and maybe you're not all that i see
but baby i bet you're good enough for me

i pray sometimes, i'm a friend of god
and i think he likes me 'cos he helps me a lot
my health is good my friends are ample
of the modern man i think i'm a fine example

i bet i'm the perfect man for you
but baby do you see it that way too
you're perfect and i like the clothes you wear
but i bet you're more perfect when they're not there


to come to terms with my own self
i think i'm gonna need just a little bit help from you baby
but when i'm big and i'm a star
i promise i won't forget who you are

ask me it's easy to be by my side
i've asked myself and that's what i replied
i hope i come on to you not too strong
but if you can't beat that then why not just come along

by Chris Chameleon